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Legacy At Heart Release New Single/Video 'Forsaken'

After invigorating the Alternative music community earlier this year with the release of the band’s debut full-length album 'Faces'. Legacy At Heart now releases a brand new impressive single off the aforementioned record.

'Forsaken', featuring the incredibly powerful and emotional vocals of The Color Morale’s Garret Rapp! Built through with lively melodies, crushing riffs, and strong emotions, 'Forsaken' formulates a distinguishable composition that concentrates on discussing self-worth, believing in yourself, and avoiding negativity. The band provides additional comments on the meaning behind the track: “The term “forsaken” means “to be abandoned or deserted”. We - as human beings - often make mistakes, it’s what makes us human. This song is about we - as people - trying to move on from our past mistakes, but the internal conflict we have inside of us wouldn’t allow us to do so. That internal conflict being that we want the world to forgive us. But we don't need people to forgive us in order to learn and grow. We learn from our mistakes individually, and we individually grow from them. At one point in life we may feel abandoned or deserted. But we pick and choose who’s a part of our life. Everyone on this planet writes their own story and we can pick and choose who's in it and who’s not."

Regarding the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Garret Rapp, Legacy At Heart adds: “Working with Garret was an amazing experience as well. We grew up listening to him as kids, and we grew up having him as a mentor. We always had conversations saying how we’d do a song together. I remember the day Garret was tracking vocals and called us asking “What the hell did you send me?”. For us being in our 20s and thinking back to how long we’ve been involved in music. It was something we as a band won't forget.”

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