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Lightscape - 'Circles' EP Review


1. By Design

2. Circles

3. More To Life

4. Press Rewind

5. Haven't Got The Time

6. Live In Fear (Remastered)

There are times when all I want to do is listen to new music and thankfully being a reviewer lets me but there are also times when I want familiar sounds. Guess which frame of mind I’m in today? Yup I want my music, the music I could recite in my sleep, not the best attitude to review with, but here goes!

Lightscapes are described as Alternative Rock and potential stadium fillers so I was not expecting what I heard. First track “By Design” leads us gently into this EP, singer Will Overton’s voice is also not a traditional Rock vocal, it's crisper, more polished than most. The band are not afraid of technology either, although the press release tells us they have two guitarists, a bass player and a drummer there is definitely some synthetic music on there too.

All of this combines to give us something different, a difficult task it seems these days. Do I like it though? Do you know I think I do! It’s a bit too clean if I’m being critical (Which is kinda what I’m doing here), although pleasant to listen to the songs are just not sticking with me, by the time I’m onto the next track I’ve forgotten the one before. I think Lightscapes have a lot going for them, I don’t think they are quite there yet.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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