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Track And Field – 'Natural Light' Album Review


1. Part Of Me

2. Simple Life

3. Drown

4. Horizons

5. Roads

6. Reaching

7. Ashes

8. Waiting

9. Stitches

10. Decade

Although this is a debut album the members of this Leeds based quartet have been around in various bands and quite frankly it shows in the quality of this release.

I admit I was a little bit worried when I was asked to review this album as the word “Emo” has been bandied about and I’m not sure at 45 if I’m the right age group for an Emo band. Thankfully upon my first listen my fears are laid to rest, teaching me an important lesson: Never judge a band by its category!

First track leads you gently by the hand into the album, no wham we're in, it’s more of a meander in the general vicinity of the album. The album overall is like a comfy pair of jeans, you know the type, you’ve worn them almost to destruction but now they feel like a second skin, you feel so comfortable wearing them it feels like an extension of your skin. Now apply that to your ears and this album.

I think part of 'Natural Light's' charm is the voice of Mick Grogan, there’s something about his delivery, it may even just be his accent. His voice reminds me in places of David Gedge, also and more so of Bob Mould (who I adore, might have something to do with my attitude to the album) Consisting of ten tracks 'Natural Light' is just the right length, it’s not too much to deal with in one go, the individual songs can be listened to on their own, it’s not one of those albums you have to listen to in one go being totally focussed, it sits quite nicely in the background just as well.

It’s entirely possible that Track And Field have just made it into my go to music section! An Emo band! Bloody hell. So to recap: Ignore the musical categories bands are placed in or lose out on a whole heap of great music. Track And Field are brilliant. You are never too old for any style of music. Buy the album.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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