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October Ends Releases New Video For 'Dismissal'

Following the very successful and unwavering "Faith In Me" and "Living In Shadows", vicious Metalcore quartet October Ends now presents "Dismissal" - the third single off the band's critically acclaimed release - "A New Path"

"This track is about being in a relationship that isn't loyal or trusting. Having a constant thought in the back of your mind telling you that there's no going back and there's no fixing what is broken. Having anxiety and paranoia completely breaking you to the point of self-worthlessness. But knowing due to their actions, there is a way to find people and encourages the audience to help see past what's going on in their mind and letting them know there is a chance to move past everything. A good friend of ours went through this situation a little over a year ago and has had some serious life changing consequences for not seeking help sooner. That being said, he's now in a good place and has found that his family and friends were there all along. "Dismissal" goes out to him."

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