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Fortify - 'Valhalla' EP Review


1. What About Us

2. Survivors

3. Rumours

4. Emergency Exit

5. Strangers

Fortify are a band from Essex who fit quiet nicely into the Pop Punk/Rock genre. With a sound similar to that of early days Paramore and Tonight Alive, you honestly won't be able to get enough of them. What I can safely say, is despite having a sound similar to two very big and great bands, they also add their own spin onto it too, which makes you listen back to the 'Valhalla' EP and go "that's so Fortify, no doubt about it". And it's not just the twang of the Essex accent in the vocals that makes you think that either!

This EP is great, it's jam packed with everything and more I would want to hear from a band like Fortify, and honestly they don't disappoint. I think all in all I've listened to this EP around 100 times and I still can't get enough, I'm running out of hours in the day to listen to them to be honest. So much so that if I spoke about each track on this EP youd get sick of reading it!

Starting off the EP with 'What About Us' Fortify throw us straight into the emotion feeler, Pop Punk inspired side of Rock. As soon as this one starts we are introduced to some KILLER guitar riffs! Rhythm, lead and bass are all incredible and are all heard very clearly. With no drowning out and no concern of overpowering, we are invited to hear the ever so important tune that is broadcasted throughout the track played by lead guitar. But we are also at the very same time introduced to the drums and boy are they clean! Harsh beats, that are hit at the exact right moment, with the build up of suspense added, the drums draw you in further. This small segment of the song on its own is super clean cut, engaging and overall a great piece of music. So when the song progresses and you get a further insight to what the rhythm, bass, lead and drums can do you genuinely will be utterly amazed! Each musician displays talent, discipline and passion. Honestly, it's so good. But the track is made by the vocal addition and they are phenomenal. But for me the lyrics and the ability to connect to the audience are the best part of this track. (Side note - If you can't connect to this song on a level, then you're super duper lucky! But if you can, don't worry I feel you.) Fortify have really hit the nail on the head with this track, it's filled with raw emotion yet it's not a Ballard. It's filled with killer riffs and hints of metallic sounds from the lead guitar but it's not quite hitting the Metal world.

'Emergency Exit' is the fourth track on this EP and it is definitely a favourite of mine. The guitars feature slight distortion from rhythm, and softer sounding lead compared to some of the other tracks on the EP. Drums in this track are toned down compared with what you would expect to follow distorted rhythm, but it's that twist that adds depth to this track. Drums are still perfectly timed, articulated and executed perfectly. With all this in mind, in terms of percussion and strings, there is more of a solid Rock track vibe displayed throughout. Vocals on this track again are amazing! The use of different tones, pitches and performance technique, and the way the lead vocalist projects her voice is just so right! Ensuring that the vocals are heard and fits within each aspect of the track, Fortify have really thought this one through. By mixing different tones and pitches, the vocals match perfectly against the different tones produced by the lead and rhythm guitars, as well as matching the genre of music they are playing. This track is one of my favourites because of the wide range of cover that is tackled, how they've covered it and the sound is honestly something that I just dig anyway!

Fortify are smashing it majorly, they've created a sound that is identifiable to themselves and their EP 'Valhalla' sounds incredible but also sound like they've had a load of fun putting it together. I can safely say I will 100% be keeping an eye out for any new stuff by these guys, as well as any tour dates. I can see these guys going quite far in the music world, and making it to festivals. They've got a wicked sound, great vibe and some killer music.

Review - Leanne Gibson

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