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WITTERQUICK - 'Fire & Ice' EP Review


1. Shattered Suns

2. Lie To Me

3. Hiding Place

4. I Need A Friend

I've had the pleasure of seeing WITTERQUICK live a few times now and have always been captivated by their stage presence and super catchy songs, so the chance to get an early listen to their new EP 'Fire & Ice' was a chance I jumped at. Due for release on October 6th the 4 track EP showcases the very best of what this band has to offer.

EP opener 'Shattered Suns' wastes no time introducing itself asserting itself as easily my favourite track off the EP. Will's vocals are infectious with a great range, reminding me very much of Young Guns vocalist Gustav Wood. With a tasty undertone, sexy riffs and a catchy as hell chorus the song sounds huge and has anthem painted all over it.

Next up is 'Lie To Me' a little more laid back than 'Shattered Suns' the song still packs a punch. A little more radio friendly in its approach, it has already been lighting up the airways over the UK and to great acclaim and it isn't hard to see why.

Then we have 'Hiding Place' a song that has a riff so tasty you could eat it. Sean, Ben and Ollie complement each other perfectly. A little heavier in its execution to the rest of the songs on the EP it is a welcomed change of pace and really showcases the awesome guitar work on offer. The same guitar work that caught my attention live.

Finally we have 'I Need A Friend' a very ballad esque song and an interesting choice to end the EP on after the blistering 'Hiding Place'. Interesting but by no means a wrong one. It can easily be seen as the EP's swan song. One final chance to showcase just how good this band is, if the other 3 songs show you how great a range Will's vocals has then this song makes damn sure you fucking know it.

What we have with 'Fire & Ice' are 4 very different songs that still feel familiar and adhere to the foundations laid out by previous WITTERQUICK releases. Infectious songs with anthem like sing a long lyrics and sexy riffs to boot. WITTERQUICK straddle genres throughout this release, not quite Pop but not quite Rock they make themselves open to a wider audience and a wider audience they deserve because this release needs to be heard.

Review - Sean Friswell

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