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TIGERCUB Announce New EP & Stream New Single 'The Divided States Of Us'

Brighton trio Tigercub are extremely pleased to announce a brand new EP titled 'Evolve Or Die' set for release on 29th September via Alcopop! Records, available on limited edition red vinyl and all good digital platforms.

Tigercub will be releasing Evolve or Die as one of the first ever pay-what-you-want vinyl releases with physical manifesto letters delivered to their cult fanbase earlier this week, which contains a secret pre-order and stream link within. Together with Alcopop! Records, the band are taking a bold risk to break the physical distribution mould. Commenting on the release, label boss Jack Clothier says:

“This is a record which has to be heard in its purest form, whether you have money to spend on vinyl or not, and conventional music retail is not going to stand in the way of us ensuring that hardcore Tigercub fans can do that.”

Visit to unlock more information.

Along with the EP announcement the band are streaming their new single 'Divided State Of Us'

Marking yet another sharp change of direction from a band who seem hell-bent on staying one step ahead of the curve, front man Jamie Hall commented on the new single:

“There are two sides to ‘Divided States of Us’ - the literal meaning and the metaphorical. Politically I feel like things are almost 50/50 split at the moment, there’s no longer a centre ground, but it’s also about having a divided mental state internally.A lot of people are frustrated right now and that’s definitely how I feel. The song’s kind of about how opposites can exist as the same thing in your psyche, how there can be hypocrisy in your own head where you’re totally at odds with yourself; being confused and not being able to fully commit to an idea, logic against emotion, constantly pulling away from each other. The song has no answers to our problems, but it’s about empathy. We’re together in that cathartic creation with other people who have been through that shared experience.”
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