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Robin Trower - 'Time And Emotion' Album Review


1. The Land Of Plenty

2. What Was I Really Worth to You

3. I'm Gone

4. Bitten By The Snake

5. Returned In Kind

6. If You Believe In Me

7. You're The One

8. Can't Turn Back The Clock

9. Make Up Your Mind

10. Try Love

11. Time And Emotion

Having made his name in the 70's with a string of classic albums, that peaked with the superb “Bridge Of Sighs”, British guitar maestro Robin Trower, at the age of 72, continues to make mighty fine albums, and his current prolific spell continues with the very impressive and enjoyable “Time And Emotion”.

This new release features the rhythm section of Chris Taggart (drums), and Livingstone Brown (bass & keyboards), with the man himself handling all guitars, some bass and all vocals – indeed he is very much involved all-round by co-producing and also providing the cover artwork!

As for the eleven tracks on offer here, as to be expected the Trower guitar work is as excellent as ever, with him settling into a mellow, almost Funky and Pyschedelic Blues groove on most tracks. All are self-penned by Robin Trower, except for one co-write.

“Time And Emotion” starts in fine style with some trademark distorted wah-wah guitar that heralds in the very nice “The Land Of Plenty”, and it is followed by the equally ear-grabbing “What Was I Really Worth To You”, with layers of more fine guitar over Trower's warm voice.

A real gem is the groove-laden “I'm Gone”, with a riff that gets in your head and stays there. The albums two longest songs come back-to-back and both weight in at over seven minutes long – the Psychedelic Blues of “Returned In Kind” with Trower's guitar soaring; and then “If You Believe In Me” - with more blistering guitar solos and the punchy rhythm section to the fore.

Elsewhere, “You're The One” is a lovely laid-back song complete with some of Trower's early Jimi Hendrix influence shining through; “Can't Turn Back The Clock” is again drenched in classy wah-wah guitar. This fine release ends with the title cut “Time And Emotion” - again a smooth, classy tune that encapsulates all that goes before it.

Having caught the man live a couple of times in the last few years it is evident his 'chops' are firmly in place and his recorded work also demands attention from all lovers of great guitar playing.

Photo - Rob Blackham

Review - Grahame Rhodes

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