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False Advertising Release New Video For 'Honest'

Manchester-based trio False Advertising are pleased to reveal another brilliant DIY video for their new single ‘Honest’, out now on all digital platforms. In the new visuals the band poke fun at Hillary Clinton's overly presumptuous election campaign, sip ‘Diet Woke’ in a nod to Kendall Jenner’s flawed Pepsi Ad, showcase realistic looking fast food, hawk free money and showcase a potentially flawed music festival for privileged millennials in a shrewd look at modern advertising techniques. "We all love to hate advertising," say the band "but the truth is that it persuades people every day to do all sorts of crazy stuff, like buying things they can’t afford, or doing things that are probably not actually very good or ethical. As much as we’d love to use these clever brainwashing techniques to trick you into buying our music, our new video instead sees us sit down to watch a very ‘real’ advert break. Real, in the sense that every advert is designed to cut through the typical smokescreen created by advertising, by focusing on the flaw in the message. You can almost always find that flaw if you look for it."

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