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Veridian - '40826D' EP Review


1. Headlights

2. Sleep A Little Better

3. Follow

4. Ink

5. So They Say

Veridian have released their latest EP '40826D' and without giving too much away straight away I just want to start with the following sentence; Veridian have jam packed this EP to the point it screams full package.

Starting off with 'Headlights', a great choice for setting the vibe of the EP off, we are introduced automatically to the bands outstanding vocals with a subtle hint of guitar. As the song progresses you get to hear more of the guitars which showcases nothing but well executed riffs, drums and some variated vocals. Vocals start off with a mellow husky tone, that then picks up to a higher pitch that when paired with some backing vocals creates a great alternative harmony sound. Guitars are booming throughout the song with some serious use of lead and rhythm structuring that has produced a tune that will stick in your head for days! Seriously it is so catchy! Now the drums in this one, well they are something! They are overpowering in that way you instantly love them. They provide the heart to the song and they are consistent, bursting with technical ability and perfectly tie the whole song together. Then the lyrics themselves, they just work so well with the music produced, that it just screams this is a great song. 'Sleep A Little Better' is the next track on the EP and it slows things down a little from 'Headlights'. This song also features both style of vocals as the last did, but they still manage to feel different. This song gives a more emotion filled vibe, with lyrics that I can't help but feel speak of pain/being in love. The guitars are still amazing, with great use of rhythm and lead riffs that are tailored well to further that emotion. They are sad yet they aren't super upbeat and happy, they are a very well thought out combination of sad strummed rhythm riffs and soft lead that hints more towards a happier vibe. Within this song you get a better chance of hearing the bass, it strengthens the beat within the song but also provides more structure and feeling. A nice twist to the song, is the use of piano. It provides a softer, romantic touch to the lyrics when they are paired together as a singular duet. But the piano also adds a twist to this song as its still very Rock, the piano softens it ever so slightly which also adds more of that emotional/raw vibe to it. 'Follow' is the third track on this EP which speeds the pace back up. Again incredible vocals, guitar, drums and bass ooze throughout the song! The lyrics and tiny use of synth within this song really help draw it out from the others on the EP. What I liked about the synth is its very lightly used, yet used well enough that it is able to emphasize the tune that lead plays throughout. Drums within this song as so mixed, theres different tempos, and theres different techniques used within that just really stand out. Again as throughout the whole EP the vocals are incredible. 'Follow" brings some emotion with it but it comes across more subtly and with the tempo of the song, you have to really listen to the lyrics to catch it. Which I totally dig, as you have to focus so much on the music, that you really get to appreciate the work that has been done. What I like about this song is the impressive riffs throughout from both lead, rhythm and bass. There's a tune from lead that you hear throughout that sticks in your head, the rhythm riffs are clear and well heard, and the bass is subtle yet perfectly executed.

The forth track is 'Ink'. A song you can connect to, its raw and has lyrics that tell almost a story throughout the song that feels like a real life experience. This is one of those songs that has the potential to bring back memories or pull at your heart strings. Yet the guys have managed to still keep that hard rock and roll vibe strong, making the song less a sad song and more a tough, rough around the edges piece. And by rough around the edges I aint talking about the music itself, but its vibe, as the music again is just phenomenal. What really emphases this tough rock and roll edge is the distortion around the rhythm riffs, it just pulls that edgy feeling right out and switches the vibe up. With the lyrics this song has got it could have easily been made into a ballard or a sad song, but due to this and the cleverly pieced together music overall, the guys have really pulled it out the bag!

Ending this EP is 'So They Say' where we see the piano making another appearance. The song is brought right down in tempo to begin with, with the piano chords being played one at a time bringing drama to the song. And by drama of course I am referring to dramatic/suspense building! So as you casually listen to those beautiful slightly husky vocals the dramatic chords of the piano go boom - the song erupts into everything. Drums, guitars, bass and vocals just radiate their way through changing the whole dynamic of the song. This for me truly emphasis the talent this band has, as everything is well executed, timed and planned. There are no missed beats, flat notes or misuse of lead guitar/slight distortion on rhythm. And if that wasnt enough, we get the guitar solo. This just feels effortless - I imagine the guitarist has picked the guitar up smashed this out and just took a sip of tea like nothing had happened. It also feels very natural in the song, and doesnt overpower it. The solo itself is just incredible, so you honestly have to listen to this song and well the whole EP.

Overall this EP is a banger! I could listen to it over and over and over, until either I got sick of it or my family/friends got sick of me playing it. It's definitely worth a listen, and honestly it's gonna make you want to catch them live at one of their shows. It's fresh yet feels like you've been listening to this band your whole life. I 100% recommend this EP to any rock music fan.

Review - Leanne Gibson

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