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Drones Release New Video For Latest Single 'Territories'

Socio-political Punk five-piece Drones have revealed a new single and video, ‘Territories’, which is a track particularly pertinent to these volatile and uncertain times. The visual accompaniment also illustrates the feelings behind the track.

Vocalist Lois McDougall explains

“’Territories’ is about how bizarre I find the concept of relying on one person (and therefore parts of their personality) to represent and rule a country. Humans are fallible. When we’re growing up we're taught to work in teams, then we're 'released' into a world where we're governed by authorities and slotted into a hierarchal structure. The pressure put on prime ministers and presidents to 'fix things' is in itself detrimental. They become biased, exhausted, irrational... No one person should have that amount of power, despite the nature of their intentions - It's not good for anyone. The song also touches on the power that this person has over border control. They can either conform with the 'them vs us' idea, or help to break it... Or, we can fight to change the system ourselves.”

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