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Concealed In Clouds Release New Video For 'Monument'

Scandinavian Alternative quintet Concealed In Clouds has returned with the third and final single off the band's upcoming debut full-length album "Aspire. Apprise. Assemble. Arise." - "Monument".

For this release, the members of the band have stripped themselves back from the flashy, high production videos that the scene is inundated with to provide their audience with an honest experience, reflective of their personal interpretation of their own work. "Monument" is presented with an atmospheric video of the group enjoying the world around them and each other’s company. Simplistic, yet whole-hearted and in this landscape – beautiful. A monument to all they have achieved thus far.

Concealed In Clouds explains:

"As always with our music, the definition is open to interpretation. "Monument" can be seen as a combination of a series of thoughts and feelings towards ones dreams and ambitions, whereas it can also be understood as being brought out of a dark place with the love of another. The only thing that we - as a group - could agree upon when it came to the essence of "Monument" was that it felt happy, cheerful and hopeful even. Which is why we wanted to strip down the music video and do something completely DIY. We just wanted to portray a good feeling, a nice vibe. So we decided to just hang out by the lake and film whatever happened. Just capture ourselves having a good time, so we could remember that day."

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