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The Menzingers - Bierkeller, Bristol 21.04.2017

American Punk Rock band The Menzingers from Scranton, Pennsylvania stopped off in Bristol on their European headline tour. Joining them were Canadian Punk Rocks bands The Flatliners and The Dirty Nil. First up were The Dirty Nil, who have come a long way in recent years with the release of their debut album ‘High Power’ in 2016. The band definitely got the crowd moving with singer/ guitarist Luke Bentham’s high energy who was seen blowing bubble gum while playing. This look was matched by the bands catchy riffs and hard hitting drums. The band played tracks off ‘High Power’ including ‘Friends In The Sky’, ‘No Weakness’ and ‘Wrestle Yu To Husker Du’. Up next were The Flatliners who having been a band for the past fifteen years and having just released their new album ‘Inviting Light’ have large a catalogue to choose from. The band played tracks off ‘Inviting Light’ including ‘Human Party Trick’ and ‘Hang My Head’ which they’ve recently released a music video for. As well as tracks from their previous releases including ‘Birds Of England’, ‘Sew My Mouth Shut’ and crowd favourites ‘Eulogy’ and Count Your Bruises’. Taking little time in between songs the band smashing through their set had the audience captivated and singing along. As the band ended their set and the lights went out the crowd were chanting for more. Luckily the band is returning to the UK in October and I’m sure those tickets will sell out fast after this performance. Next up were the headline act The Menzingers. As the lights went out the anticipation from the crowd grew, cheers erupted as the band emerged on stage. The band started their set with the opening track ‘Tellin’ Lies’ off their new album ‘After The Party’. From the start the audience matched the bands energy as they sang along and fans were crowd surfing. The band played tracks off their latest release including ‘After The Party’ which they’ve recently released a music video for as well as ‘Thick As Thieves’ and ‘Lookers’. As well as tracks from their previous releases ‘Rented World’ and ‘On The Impossible Past’ including ‘Rodent’, ‘My Friend Kyle’ and ‘Gates’. The band also played a personal favourite of mine ‘Irish Goodbyes’ which was greatly received by the crowd. As the band ended their set with one of their newly released tracks ‘Bad Catholics’ the lights faded to black and the band left the stage with chants from the crowd wanting more. The band then reappeared and played an encore consisting of the tracks ‘Lookers’ ‘Kate Is Great’ (Bouncing Souls Cover) and ‘In Remission’ which had the crowd in full voice and was an excellent way to end an amazing set. Additionally the band noted on the sentimental value which they had with Bristol and reminisced of when they played in Bristol back in 2009 to nine people. Since then the band has grown gaining a huge following. This band consistently delivers amazing live set. If you get the chance to see The Menzingers I highly recommenced you do.

Photos and Review - Anthony Shaw Photography

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