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With Confidence - O2 Institute, Birmingham 05.03.2017

Kicking off the night were Milestones, who delivered an incredible set to a large, exciting crowd. Their newest EP 'Equal Measures' is full of towering vocals and edgy riffs. They seemed to have a loyal fan base, and engaged well with the crowd. My favourite track by far was 'Call Me Disaster', which got the whole room moving much to my delight. The fairy lights on stage were a nice touch too!

Next up were Safe To Say from Canada. Heavier than the previous band, they delivered a different but still astounding set. Technical setbacks are no issue for these guys, who's bassist stepped in to play some smooth Jazz while they fixed one of the guitars. Their 2015 EP 'Hiding Games' hides the gem that is 'Summer Sickness', while their newest album 'Down In The Dark' needs to be listened to from start to end to be truly appreciated. I haven't stopped listening to these guys since I left the gig – their music packs a punch which is hard to find these days.

Broadside were next, and were only supporting on the UK leg of the tour – meaning that the EU were seriously missing out. Ollie sang his heart out throughout the entire set, and threw himself about the stage like something possessed, much to the delight of the photographers and crowd alike. Everyone sang back the lyrics to their catchy tune 'Coffee Talk', taken from their album 'Old Bones'. I'll most definitely be looking to see these guys again – not only were they a joy to shoot, but they left the room in a state of elation ready for the headliners.

And finally, With Confidence. They kicked off the show with the first track from their newest album 'Better Weather' – if you want to get a room moving, then I'd suggest playing 'Voldermort' and leaving it at that. These guys didn't hold back throughout their set, frequently climbing onto the barrier and singing along with fans. Making sure to take it back to the start and including songs from their EP 'Distance', they really did go the extra mile in ensuring that everyone enjoyed the show.

With Confidence -

Photos & Review - Sutcliffe Photography

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