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VUKOVI - 'VUKOVI' Album Review


1. La Di Da

2. And He Lost His Mind

3. Weirdo

4. Target Practice

5. Prey

6. Bouncy Castle

7. Wander

8. I'm Wired

9. Animal

10. Boy George

11. He Wants Me Not

12. Colour Me In

Vukovi are a self proclaimed Noisy Pop Rock band from Scotland; not a Scandinavian Probiotic drink. Despite saying this, their self titled album will definitely be good for you!

Listening to it countless of times, they amaze me with their creativity and forged unique sound. ‘La Di Da’, a song hooking you into their charm straight off the bat with every band member making early statements as to why this is such a great record.

Janine (Vocals) hitting you with some solid lines, Colin (Drums) demonstrates why he isn't the butt of every musical joke, with Hamish (Guitar) and Jason (Bass) claiming some of the simplest yet catchiest riffs I've heard in some time. As we continue into the album we get ‘And he lost his mind’ and ‘Weirdo’, which complete the perfect first three songs. Both having very catchy hooks in the chorus keeping you singers happy, with great playing and arrangement for us music geeks.

Every album needs a breather; we get it on the 5th song as they slow it down a little for ‘Prey’. To be honest, the album never really looses momentum as you continue to get great song after great song, each one well crafted and well thought of. ‘Bouncy castle’ and ‘Animal’ keep up with the high standard of songs and will get you singing along in no time. Janine seems to have a natural ability to write melody lines that draws you into the song, and time after time the music compliments it and pushes it to greater heights.

Final thoughts: So much creativity in one album; it’s easy to get lost in it all. But once you get into it you will not want to be found. A must buy record. Go. Now!

Stand Out Tracks: La Di Da, Weirdo, Animal

Check out their video for 'La Di Da'

Review - Dafydd Cartwright

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