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Treason Kings - 'Vale' EP Review

Track Listing:

1. Circles

2. Castle

3. Mouth To Mouth

4. Settle Down

5. I Won't Go

Emerging from Leeds’ thriving alternative music scene, Treason Kings debut EP 'Vale' delivers a confident Hard Rock onslaught, following deftly in the footsteps of Pulled Apart by Horses.

We start off with a song called ‘Circles’, which is best described as ‘Grunge on speed’. Imagine free wheeling on a bike, down a steep hill with no brakes and no idea if you will make it down alive…. ‘Circles’ is an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Once you just about manage to get your breath back, we get the best song of the debut album: ‘Castle’. Biffy Clyro is the vibe here, with vocals from Harry Scott that channel Kelly Jones from Stereophonics. A well written song with constant movement; keeping you nailed to the wall with hooks left, right and centre. ‘Mouth To Mouth’ will make any Nirvana fan happy, whilst keeping it fresh at the same time. Be warned, as the bridge will give you neck ache if you aren't use to head banging!

They continue the Biffy vibe with ‘Settle Down’, as they employ the trademark half time chorus and guitar arpeggios very well. Closing tune ‘I Won’t Go’ is probably the weakest of the bunch; but it does pack a punch and is by no means a song to skip.

Throughout the EP Sam Wood (Guitar), Harry Scott (Vocals and Guitar) Matt Levy (Bass) and Rob Carruthers (Drums) gift us with some remarkable music; some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. This is a solid debut EP by a band that will surely do well if they continue their great work.

My sole disappointment is that we only get 16 minutes of music; hopefully this means we wont have to wait long to hear more from this Yorkshire quartet.

With 'Vale', Treason Kings have delivered a debut EP to be proud of, where you have plenty of absolute tunes that give major label bands a run for their money.

Stand Out Track: Castle

Review - Dafydd Cartwright

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