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Interview with 'Sworn To Secrecy'

Firstly, introduce yourselves and tell us a little bit about the band and how you came to be?

Hello, were a Metalcore band from Newcastle UK called Sworn To Secrecy, we started off as three friends jamming some covers in a room around august 2016, then we started working on original material and found ourselves starting some pretty big sounding stuff. We managed to gather a full line up and we just took it from there. We went straight into a recording studio (Wood Cottage Collective) to record our debut single 'Tie A Rope', to promote its release we played a co headline show at Newcastle's 'Jumping Jacks', which we managed to sell out. Ever since we've being hopping onto shows and carried on trying to get ourselves out there as much as possible.

What were you all up too prior to the band, was this always the chosen path or did you have other dreams and aspirations?

Well prior to the band, we all had different things going on, some of us college, the rest mainly work, however we've all wanted to do something like this for a very very long time, so the amount of passion we put into writing our music and playing shows is quite monumental.

Tell us about your latest Single and why our readers should check it out.

Our debut single 'Tie A Rope' is the first ever song we wrote, we wanted a song that had really catchy riffs, and a huge chorus, and thats what we ended up with. If you're a fan of earlier 'Bring Me The Horizon', 'Architects' and 'Bullet For My Valentine' you'll love it. It has got the heavy intro, the huge chorus thats full of hooks and to top it all off we've got a monumental breakdown in there!

Who would you say is the bands main song writer or is it a group effort and where do you draw your inspiration lyrically and musically from?

Logan our Vocalist does all the lyric writing, however instrumentally it's a group effort. All of us come up with our own ideas then bring them to the rehearsal rooms and we expand on those ideas together as a team. We all have our own inspirations, some being quite different, however thats what makes us unique as we combine all these crazy ideas and make them work.

As a band what do you believe is your greatest achievement to date and why?

As a band so far, we've been a full line up since september, and to even say that we've played some pretty full headline shows, recorded our debut single, hit 1000+ likes on Facebook is absolutely mental! Those are our favourite achievements.

Have you ever come face to face with someone within the music scene who has left you awestruck and why?

Well some of us have managed to meet our musical idols, but yeah I think thats mainly just because those bands have had such a huge impact on our lives and helped us develop as people and musicians!

What do you enjoy most about touring?

We are still yet to experience the tour life, however from the shows we've played we enjoy absolutely every second of every little part. As we said earlier we've all wanted this for so long, so to finally be doing the stuff we've always dreamt of is pretty spectacular.

If we were to head out to one of your live shows what can ourselves and others expect?

Absolute carnage! We always go out and go absolutely nuts and encourage the crowd to do the same, expect a lot of mosh pits, head banging, and big sing alongs!

If you had one artist/band that you could go on tour with tomorrow who would it be and why?

This ones difficult! However most likely either 'Architects' or 'Bring Me The Horizon' as we love those bands and were really influenced by them, to tour with any of those guys would be mad!

You can spend an hour with a musical icon living or dead, who would you pick, why and what would you speak about?

Mitch Lucker! once again he's one of our favourite musicians, one of our favourite vocalists too! Probably end up talking about utter nonsense most likely! haha!

And finally and most importantly is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

Yes! why not haha!

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