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Interview With Adam Carroll Of 'ZOAX'

I had the pleasure, on behalf of 3 Songs & Out, to interview Adam, the vocalist, from main support to Hacktivist, ZOAX.

So, how is the Hacktivist tour going?

Good man, really really good fun. A whole new crowd for us to play too with the Hacktivist fanbase, but we're no strangers to this scenario, and it helps us grow a lot'

I've seen you play once before, last month I believe, you supported Blood Youth in Liverpool.

That was once again, a completely different fanbase, but that tour was a lot of fun, Blood Youth are great guys, and we had a great tour.

I've been listening to your debut album a lot on Spotify, how has that been going?

Man, it's been going great, albeit slightly unusual as it's nearing the end of the year and it seems like a lot of people are only hearing about the album now, better late than never now though, and I've seen it crop up on quite a few end of year lists, which is cool.

How have Hacktivist been, are they as cool as they seem?

Yeah man, they're really cool, I actually already know Josh and the drummer Richard, they've been exceptionally supportive of the band, this whole tour has been great sportsmanship on their part, bringing along us and Bad Sign, we're both completely different bands and genres and don't really fit the niche Hacktivist do, so it's been cool to bring us both along on there part and put on a bill with a whole range of genres.

I agree, the lineup is a real mixed bag, any feelings about that?

It has to be that way I think, I don't know if putting five bands from the same genre on a bill is working anymore, there are too many cases where people get bored and don't turn up early to support the supports, or at all.

How have the shows been for you guys?

They've been good, last night in Birmingham (The Flapper) was really fun, the sound was really good, and I've found that Birmingham crowds are, I don't know, a bit like ' don't know what to do' first then they really get into it.

You've been a band for a little while now, and toured Europe a few times right?

Yeah three years, 2013 we formed, we've toured Europe 3 times, that was bizarre, when we go to Germany and stuff they're so honest towards our band, they might not like us but they always recommend to a friend who would, or stuff like that, the Germans are just very supportive of good music, we've actually fared pretty well in Europe, thankfully.

Any future plans for next year?

Yeah man, we're almost finished writing our next release, so I assume we'll release non-stop new music and play as many shows as possible.

If you could build your dream lineup, to either headline or support, who would play?

Oh, tough one, I'd love to go out with Biffy Clyro, they're a massive childhood band for me, Billy Talent, Thrice, Deftones, there are just so many good bands we'd love to play with.

Where is your favourite place to play?

Hamburg, I think, I loved it, however London is always good too, but the crowds don't always go as wild. I'd also love to go back to Ireland if I'm honest. We'll see.

Thank you for your time, good luck with the show.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Adam for participating in the interview, and all of ZOAX for being great guys. If they tour, go see them.

Interview - Luke Percival

Photos - Trash Monkey

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