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Celeb Car Crash - 'People Are The Best Show...' Album Review


1 . Let Me In

2 . Because I’m Sad

3. The Whereabouts

4. Outdone

5. Hello, ‘Morning

6. Murder Party

7. January

8. Enemy’s Desire

9. Stereo (The Body Of Christ)

10. Hangin’ On A Rope

11. Nothing New Under The Sea

12. Nearly In Bloom

Have you ever walked into a music store, picked up an album and by looking at the front cover ever thought ‘well this is interesting – I wonder what is hiding underneath the hood?’ for me this was that exact thought when I received this album from the Italian rockers ‘Celeb Car Crash’. Lucky for me I am not here to review the artwork but it certainly set the scene for the music to follow. It is quite clear that the 4 piece Rock outfit are trying to make a statement with this album, but what that statement is I’m still trying to work out.

The opening track ‘Let me in’ certainly grabs your attention with its Rock riff opening growl, energy and groove, it really sets the pace for what you think is to come. It has the essence of many great 90’s Grunge Rock bands and you can’t help but sense some early Creed and Soundgarden in there as well, with perhaps a hint of modern day Papa Roach. You are then taken on a stroll through the next few tracks which unfortunately lack the same excitement as the opening number. It is here that we get a sense of the album dropping off the pace a little, giving way to an American Grunge sound (which isn’t a bad thing), although not quite Pearl Jam in its delivery. In saying this, ‘Outdone’ does introduce the listener to a slight Southern Rock texture and it builds nicely into the main riff. What the song does fail to do is drive you forwards due to the sudden and surprise time change, ultimately restricting the track to breathe and the punch you’re waiting for never materialises. For some, this might be a lovely touch but for me, it disrupts the pace and drive of the song, which this song is crying out for.

We are then firmly transported back into the all too familiar Grunge/Alt Rock style for the remaining tracks and sadly the album plateaus out leaving the listener wanting more. It’s steady, it’s simplistic…….it’s simply Alt Rock in its purest form. There are glimpses of hope though as we do hear some lovely melodies and racing vocal lines which attempt to lift the atmosphere and engage the listener, and the band are certainly tight and polished. The frustration for me is that there is not enough flavour floating around to grab my attention. The production is neat and tidy, occasionally lacking in parts but it does the job for what it is intended. The boys can certainly play and what they have done, they have done well but I am just waiting for a little more, something a little different, some extra touches of originality, something to grab me by the satchel and say ‘pay attention Jonesy’!

Does this album say what it needs to say………this is yet to be determined but in saying that, fans of Grunge Rock and Alternative Rock may find some small treats in here somewhere.

Check out their video for 'Let Me In'

Review - Jonesy

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