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Hidden Skies – Rainbow Cellar, Birmingham 26.10.2016

Descending into the Rainbow Cellar yet again, I’m more than excited for tonight’s show despite Face The Ocean dropping from the tour last minute. Contrary to what I expected, this hasn’t dampened the spirits of any of the bands playing tonight despite the slightly sparse crowd raising some concern. Still, this didn’t deter Somerset rockers Apherium as they dove into their set. A strange yet enjoyable mix of melodic vocals and unexpected, broken riffs, I’m surprised to find myself tapping my feet along to their new song 'Hidden Skies'. The guitarist Ross is a joy to watch, as he seemed to be enjoying the gig more than anyone else present. I’d have liked to see a slightly longer set from these guys, their music takes time, but it’s worth it. A real treat of an opening band.

Next up were Spark The Sail. Their music is cheeky and lighthearted, and the singer reminds me of Kate Nash somehow. The room starts to fill up slowly as the band continue their set, despite some issues with the sound during the first song. However, there is joint agony when the band exit the stage only to realise that their van has been broken into and some of their gear has been stolen. This is a real grudge of mine, when you see first-hand how hard these musicians work, to witness some low lives try and crush that is beyond frustrating. Hopefully Spark The Sail can overcome this and continue to produce great music.

The standout band of the night were most definitely Your Illuminations. I couldn’t tell you what exactly it was that made me enjoy this band so much, maybe it was the fast paced sound, or the fairy lights attached to all their instruments, or the singer Robbie’s eccentric personality, but these guys really stole the show. I’m concerned to see that they have blacked out their social media however, so here’s hoping that it isn’t the end for this band just yet.

And finally, Hidden Skies. They delivered a steady, reliable set, the typical Pop Punk style songs you’d throw on during a long car journey or some sort. Although I had a slight issue getting any shots of the band due to their amazingly tall videographer, their set was enjoyable, the was playing tight, and the crowd engaging. I expected to leave this gig disheartened due to the absence of Face The Ocean, however I walked out safe in the knowledge that the music scene in Birmingham is teeming with small, yet incredibly talented musicians.

Photos & Review - Sooty Photography

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