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Twisted Illusion - 'Temple Of Artifice' Album Review

Tracklist: 1. Imitate Me - Part 1 2. Freedom To Fail 3. Hatred Is A Virtue 4. Apocalypse...#LOL

5. Online and In Line 6. A Moment Of Lucidity 7. Imitate Me - Part 2

Twisted Illusion first came to my attention when I was out and about photographing Blaze Bayley. These guys were support on the night and instantly caught my attention. From the lead singers voice to the incredible guitar work and their overall stage presence, I was impressed. Fast forward a few weeks and lead singer Matt Jones joined the ranks of reviewers here at 3 Songs & Out. So when I discovered the impending release of 'Temple Of Artifice' I knew I had to get my hands on a copy for review. Now you might say that reviewing the work of a fellow reviewer might lead to me being bias but I can reassure you that before I knew the man, I knew the band. Their music does the talking here, and when I say talk, I mean screams with pure velocity.

Opening track 'Imitate Me - Part 1' hits you straight away with a seriously sexy riff and the power of Matts vocals, which are made even more impressive knowing that there isn't any studio trickery here. This dude can hold his own live. Next there is the almost haunting 'Freedom To Fail' which again showcases the sheer strength of Matt's vocals, complimented with some beautifully structured mellowing guitar work. But you don't stay mellow for long as 'Hatred Is A Virtue' explodes into action offering up a very Maiden Esque sound that very much reminds me of 'The Trooper'. Its galloping drums and driving guitars lead you into the grand chorus. A perfect sing along song that I can only imagine will go down well in a live setting. The next 2 songs 'Apocalypse...#lol' and 'Online In Line' both display the guitar work that left me in awe when I first saw these guys live and while the songs for me feel slightly "filler" in nature, they still don't distract from the overall strength and tone of the release. I can't quite connect with the songs but the moment passes quickly when 'A Moment Of Lucidity' starts up. Lyrically and musically this song resonates in every way. It is quite simply beautiful and I feel unable to elaborate further. But this has lead single written all over it. Finally we finish with 'Imitate Me - Part 2' a brilliant conclusion to an altogether impressive release. The word that has stuck with me throughout is beautiful and it is very much that. The quality on display here is incredible, from production to vocals to musicianship from every member.

Temple Of Artifice is quite simply an exceptional release. With the landscape of music ever changing, there is an ongoing discussion as to who will step into the shoes of Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica and the like, as and when they decide to step down. But releases like this show great promise that the next generation are carving their own path to greatness. Quality music is all around us, we as fans of music just have to pay attention. Twisted Illusion are deserving of this attention in every way and I implore you to hunt down this release in any form you can.

Stand Out Track: A Moment Of Lucidity

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