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Cold Summer - 'Fight To Survive' EP Review

Tracklist: 1. Bear Eats Wolf 2. A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire 3. Car Crash (In Progress)

4. Coins Fall (But Don't Make It) 5. Waiting 6. Something, Nothing, No-one “Bear Eats Wolf” blows open this exciting sound. Complete with a blundering ambience which introduces the track. The first thing that hits me about Fight to Survive is the production. It's huge and it captures my attention instantly. “A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire” in addition to being a great song title is my favourite of the 6 track EP. The vocals are thorough and full of great harmonies throughout. The distant reverbs of the guitars really create a beautiful canvas of artistry for the young band to dance across. Track 3 “Car Crash (In Progress)” has a fun odd timed groove that makes my head nod along almost instinctively. We are greeted with a counterpoint of vocal textures and a powerful chorus at the heart of this heavy track. This song also showcases the lead capabilities of the guitars in the band. A sublime solo. “Coins Fall (But Don't Make It)” reminds me of Nothing More with its invigorating vocal melodies supported by impressive chops from the drummer. A thunderous bass sound then opens 5th track “Waiting” and we are greeted by probably the catchiest riff on the EP. The final song on Fight to Survive is a testament to the rhythm section's ability in this band to just groove and carry the song along. It is another memorable chorus, complete with harmony and well placed passion. It serves as a fitting end to this stellar EP. Reminding me at times of Alexisonfire, Nothing More and even bands like Fightstar. This is a band I look forward to seeing at a show soon. This EP has bags of energy and I am certain it will translate live.

Stand Out Track: A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire

Check out their video for 'A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire'

Review - Matt Jones

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