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Sabaton - 'Heroes On Tour' Live Album Review

Tracklist: 1. The March to War

2. Ghost Division

3. To Hell and Back

4. Carolus Rex

5. No Bullets Fly

6. Resist and Bite

7. Far from the Fame

8. Panzerkampf

9. Gott Mit Uns

10. The Art of War

11. Soldier Of 3 Armies

12. Swedish Pagans

13. Screaming Eagles

14. Night Witches

15. Primo Victoria

16. Metal Crue

This is not only our first review for Nuclear Blast but our first review of a live album. Before us is 'Heroes On Tour' a 1 CD / 2 DVD/BLU RAY release recorded at Waken and their hometown festival in Falun, Sweden. It captures everything you'd expect from a live album. Sabaton are masters of their craft and this comes across beautifully. The set list pulls a lot of songs from their 'Heroes' release but also throws in fan favourites from older releases. Their themes of military history ever present, not only in their songs but through their stage set up and imagery, as shown in the DVD/Blu Ray. Made up of 3 discs it captures perfectly everything a fan of the band expects from a live setting. Beautifully visual with swooping cameras and up close angles blended together with crisp audio the production shines.

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph and review one of their shows when they toured the UK but due to car issues i wasn't able to attend. This release, however, is easily the next best thing. While I may not have been able to see it in person I definitely know exactly what I would have experienced. Sabaton clearly love to perform live and give it their all every time they grace the stage. While it can never match the experience of being there I'd say it's pretty damn close. Visually and musically they are a spectacle to behold and incredibly fun. Live albums aren't to everyone's taste but if you are one for adding them to your collection, then you can't go wrong here.

Check out 'Resist And Bite' official live video filmed at Wacken Open Air 2015

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