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Servant Sun - 'Hundred Waves' EP Review

Tracklist: 1. Hundred Waves 2. Misgiver 3. Taste of Silver 4. Cold House Collapse

Over the years, I've managed to embrace a pretty diverse range of musical genres, and enjoy so many different things that I've become something of a musical Chameleon (and if you said it in your head as Cha-meleon, then we can be friends) With tints of Tool, CKY and mixing the more catchy elements and vocal styling of the best early work by Finch, the Servant Sun EP had me invested from the get go. I noticed the excellent vocals throughout, mixing some quieter moments, and then growls and screams that kept this listener entertained, with some particularly long notes added late on that really showed off the vocalists range. From the first riff, to the last, the guitar work is incredible. Be it a singular riff, or the layers in the background, each of the elements just add and add to the songs and help it grow almost organically. The rhythm section cope admirably throughout, the drummer especially adding extra elements that just seem to again add to the songs overall quality. I kept picking up extra points, fills, or the use of an instrument or effect on repeat listens that really opened up the song further. All of this helps to really make what could be a most ordinary few songs, incredibly special and almost epic in moments. Each track has it's own identity, while remaining true to the band as a whole, as I stated, growing with each minute, drawing the listener in further till the end, making it incredibly easy to just hit play again, and start from the beginning. I've had this EP for just a day, and I felt the absolute need to put together the review straight away, and with the added bonus that I can keep listening to the tracks again and again as I write it.

Bravo Servant Sun, BRAVO!

Check out their video for 'Taste Of Silver'.

Review - Oli Williams

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