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MUSHROOMHEAD - Corporation, Sheffield 19.03.2016

Tonight opens with Sheffield based Deformation Of Man. The hometown show yealds mixed results for the 4 piece and not because they don't deliver. In fact they are an incredibly strong band producing some beautiful riff heavy metal. Instead it's tonights crowd that don't seem to be on form. They are lack luster with their reponse for the hometown heroes and never really seem to get into the flow of things, apart from those who appear to be friends of the band. That all said, Deformation Of Man don't let up and give it their all, offering up an extremely strong half hour set. Having never heard of these guys before they have put themselves on the radar and I shall be paying attention from here on out.

Next we have Sanguine. Female fronted metal at it's finest and possibly weirdest. They have a rather intriguing combination of catchy-as-hell songs mixed with songs that have some incredibly interesting, if not odd, vocal arrangments with one even going as far as being nothing but a melody of gibberish. But as stated by lead singer Tarin Kerrey, these songs are intended to be nothing more than a bit of fun and to be fair to the band they are extremely fun. They confidently command the stage and bring the crowd to life a bit more.

But let's be honest, the only thing that was going to make this room ignite was MUSHROOMHEAD and ignite it does. The energy that fills the room is something I haven't experienced in a long time.

The masked mob are on fire, with water drums and UV lights adding to the spectacle it does beg the question as to why they're not playing larger venues. The UK has awaited their return for a while now and while these more intimate of settings give us something special, there is no denying these guys can still bring it and should be gracing larger stages. The room doesn't reach its capacity (American Head Charge's abscence has been attributed to the selling or discarding of tickets) but that doesn't stop those in attendance raising the roof.

Tonight is about the spectacle and some kick ass songs from a strong back catalogue. MUSHROOMHEAD are incredible and well worth seeing live if the chance ever comes your way.

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