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Chasing Dragons - 'Faction:Prologue' EP Review

Chasing Dragons are a 4 piece hailing from Leeds who offer up some of the strongest riff heavy metal I've heard in a while.

Three Songs are on offer on their new EP and I instantly can see this is only a mere taste of what they have in store. With a sound this big, this can only be seen as an introduction.

If you cast your mind towards the musical styles of Hammerfall, Blind Guardian or Helloween for their Power Metal melodies, then lean towards Iron Maiden for their prog style riffs you can get a hint of what Chasing Dragons sound like. Each song is made up of some incredible guitar work and intricate drumming. Each riff and hook is catchy as hell and the solo's are a delight.

Then we have female vocalist Tank, who has a set of pipes on her that will make most envious. You can hear her fire and tenacity. If you were to place her on the stage with some of Metals leading female vocalists, she could not only hold her own but quite easily knock some of them off their pedistals. Her vocals sit perfectly atop the guitar driven songs on offer. Each a mini masterpiece in its own right, it is easy to imagine these songs gracing the larger stages on offer this festival season and fitting right in.

The stand out song for me has to be 'Mutiny'. I can imagine a battlefield of fist pumping warriors screaming 'We are, We are the mutiny' driven by raging guitars and pounding drums as they get ready for war.

Overall what you have here are three brilliant songs from an up and coming band, who I can safely say will be grabbing the attention of metal heads soon enough.

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