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Grumble Bee - 'Disconnect' EP Review

If you tune into any of the major music stations like Kerrang! or Scuzz you will have likely stumbled across their iterations of the current new blood and Grumble Bee will have featured somewhere on every one of those lists.

With his debut EP's release looming, Jack A.K.A Grumble Bee is a solo artist that is about to break out big time. We have had the pleasure to listen to his EP before release and we are incredibly excited. His intricate Math Rock timings and beautifully melodic yet gruff voice combined with meaningful lyrics, has created a winning formula.

With the strength of songs on display it's hard to single out any one in particular, but if pressed 'Sky Writer' is creativley structured. It builds and builds, led by the screech and urgency of violens. The afore mentioned Math Rock influences creating an interesting time structure. Constantly switching, it encourages your attention. Easily the EP's most repeatable track.

But don't let that distract from the fact the other songs on offer are just as worthy of attention.

There's 'Francium', a song about his hopeless love and his desire to not hurt "her". Or 'H.C.A.D.C' which offers up questions of his originality with lyrics like "I tell myself I'll will be fine, when I'm trying to be original/ and it's all in my, all in my mind". Though it's easy to argue he isn't going to have any issues there.

For an act that is going it alone as a solo act, he sounds huge. His writing ability is strong, lyrically interesting and engaging and add in the fact he is a multi-intrumentalist who has been soley responsilble for recording all the parts to all the songs. It is all beyond impressive, as far as debut's go this is incredibly promising.

With numerous live dates already confirmed Grumble Bee has every opportunity before him get himself heard, and be heard he must.

Solo acts are a dime a dozen these days and while many, if not most, are great, it takes something a little different and a little special to stand out and be noticed. Grumble Bee has got exactly what it takes.

Upon writing this the EP is awaiting its release. So wether you are reading this before or after the fact all we can say is, get your hands on a copy now.

Check out the lyric video for 'H.C.A.D.C

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