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Saltwater Injection - 'Regurgitated For The People' EP Review

Straight away it is worth noting that Saltwater Injection are not for the faint of heart.

Their newly released EP can only be described as an onslaught on the senses. The bass and drum duo bombard their listener with 5 tracks of punk infused bitterness.

Joe's distorted bass screeches at you, Its electric tinge forcing its presence into your head space. All the while gelling perfectly with Paul's beating of the drums and his gravelly vocals. The combo is tormenting but it never stops being intriguing.

Having seen them in a live setting before, they have translated their sound in its entirety into the digital form. Their same political tones and familiar approach is still present.

The stand out track has to be opener, 'Sexual Adventure'. Its electronic tone and screeching vocals reminiscent of a young Nine Inch Nails.

Overall 'Regurgitated For The People' is an extremely interesting listen. It never really aims to reward it's listener but instead assaults you. It enters your mind and sticks with you long after listening. If you are granted the opportunity to see these two live, I'd urge you to take that chance.

It might be the most adventurous thing you do.

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