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Yungblud - 02 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester 08.10.2021

Kicking off proceedings for the evening in support of Yungblud were Indie rock band Daidy Brain. With the frontman dressed like Kurt Cobain which seemed like a huge influence in the music that was rung out on the stage we were in for a treat to start the show off. Few crowd noises was good to hear early on into the evening. I found the frontman to be shy which only complimented the type of songs being displayed. Speaking from the audience perspective I felt it was a good start to the show with a few select cheers. ‘Few more songs for you’ and ‘I wanna see a pit’ was accompanied by a few cheers from the eager to get into it crowd who were rowdier towards the end and Daisy Brain were well received.

Next on the bill was Pop/Rock vocalist Renforshort who was very energetic on the stage with a beautiful voice. They played a cover of Gorillaz hit ‘Feel Good inc’ with their own arrangement and style, this was particularly enjoyed by the Manchester crowd and they started singing with them. The lead singer gave the instruction of ‘I need you guys to hug and kiss who you’re with’ which poised the evening for a slow ballad. With mobile lights waving and lighters in the air for Renforshorts’ third to last song it was a lovely moment for those in attendance to see. By the applause as the song finished it felt like the crowd was lifting and becoming its own voice. The mood was lifted for the second to last song with fast paced drums which certainly got people moving. The blend of slow and high tempo songs, it felt easy to listen to. The voice of the lead singer was compelling and beautiful and the band accompanying her certainly were on point. The jumping from the crowd was prominent in the last song, they really knew how to get the crowd going and were a great support for what was to come. With encouragement the crowd were on their feet for the last chorus from Renforshort who came off stage to an electric crowd who seemingly instantly began chanting ‘Yungblud’ across the venue, in excitement for final showcase of the evening.

Let’s get into the main act for the evening. After nearly a year since Yungblud released their sophomore album the fans could now finally hear the songs they’ve sang in their cars and in their bedrooms in person. Yungblud came out with ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ with the highest amount of energy, immediately setting the tone for what to expect for the evening. In between songs Dom would admire the crowd that was presented to him for the evening in awe. He looked so grateful and happy to see all in attendance on the night. Throughout the songs you would witness Dom bouncing around the stage and the crowd certainly soaking up some of that energy and displaying huge admiration back with singing, dancing and cheering. With this being the ‘Weird!’ Album tour it was only fitting that the second song of choice would be ‘Parents’ and this song is no stranger to a catchy chorus that the crowd were screaming along too the whole time.

Further on in the set we heard the heartfelt and emotional ‘Love Story’. Dom with guitar in hand and more settled into the upstanding mic, sang with sentiment and passion. There was a general somber mood in the room whilst he belted the chorus with the crowd singing straight back to him.

Picking back up the tempo of the evening hit song ‘I think I’m okay’ ft. Machine Gun Kelly was rang out to the crowd with impromptu mosh pits as the crowd were electric all night with Yungblud playing hits from all of his albums including latest release ‘Fleabag’.

Encouraging the audience to mosh, jump, sing and ‘be themselves’, what the crowd witnessed was Yungblud giving it their all and with plenty more dates of the tour to go you could wonder how they can keep it up.

Whether you were there for the hit songs you can hear on the radio or are avid Yungblud fans, this gig had it all from tracks from Yungbluds first album ‘21st Century Liability’ to the heavily played new album ‘Weird!’ there was something for everyone.

Daisy Brain

Photos & Review - Jessie Jones


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