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Will Haven Release Video For New Single 'Diablito'

“Diablito” is the incinerating new single from Sacramento, California-based metallic hardcore/noise metal veterans Will Haven.

Guitarist Jeff Irwin reveals,

“This was one of the earlier tracks I wrote for the record, but it evolved all the way up to when we were recording it. I would take the song home even after the studio and work on the ending trying to make it something epic, I think we finally added all my ambient guitars at the end of our last few sessions, and it’s one of my favourite songs on the album. Grady came up with the name of the song and he wanted to base the lyrics off our record El Diablo. That is a very important record to us, and we were coming up on our 25th anniversary of it while writing VII, so we wanted to give a tip of the cap to that record. Grady is a genius when it comes to writing.”


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