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WAAX Release Video For New Single 'Read Receipts'

Ahead of the release of their highly anticipated second studio album, 'At Least I’m Free' out August 5 via Dew Process, WAAX has shared the vividly charged new single “Read Receipts,” alongside the accompanying music video.

Brimming with honesty and intensity, on “Read Receipts” lead vocalist Maz DeVita sings of anger, abandonment and disappointment on the despondent rock song.

“We’re pretty excited to let this one out as it’s perhaps our best songwriting effort in our opinion (and Bernard’s). This one came together super fast. James and I were writing together on the Sunshine Coast and immediately the melody and lyric fell out. It’s literally about being left on read and being left in the cold with no answers. I was definitely feeling those feels at the time,”

DeVita explains.


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