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Untamed Land Releases Video For New Single 'A Nameless Shape'

Ohio, USA based project Untamed Land – the world‘s very first Metal band incorporating the feral sounds of classic, old western cinematics – recently announced its sophomore release, 'Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms', scheduled for release via Napalm Records on October 8, 2021.

Following soaring recent single, “Clothed In Smoke”, Untamed Land has revealed a second single, entitled "A Nameless Shape", alongside an official music video. The track blends ghostly acoustics, doom-drenched riffs and icy screams as it cascades into a wave of blast beats, rhythmic guitars and operatic accent vocals, making it one of the key epics on the record!

Project mastermind Patrick Kern says about the track:

"With a thundering march-like drum pattern and aggressive full chord guitar strumming, the first two minutes of this song set the stage for the rest of the album. The lyrics tell a tale of isolation and spiritual crisis set against the backdrop of the mythical Old West. This video only serves as a teaser however, and you will have to pick up the album itself to see how the story for this song ends."


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