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Thoughtcrimes Release Video For New Single 'Panopticon'

Thoughtcrimes, teasing what’s to come on the Long Island-based band’s debut full-length album, have released “Panopticon”, a three-plus-minute blitzkrieg that guitar player Russ Savarese has described as “the Thoughtcrimes anthem.” A Tom Flynn directed video accompanies the single’s release, offering a visual interpretation of the track’s frenetic energy.

“Initially, we set out to release an additional EP until we built a studio and committed to writing a full-length album,”

explains drummer Billy Rymer.

“This was the first body of work completed during those sessions.”

Singer Rick Pepa offers insight into the concept behind “Panopticon”:

“Lyrically, it outlines the attempt to wake up from dreams of a highly medicated, futuristic, dystopian setting.”


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