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Those Without - 'Bittersweet' Album Review


1. Happy Ever Disaster

2. Pink Alligator

3. Voodoo Doll

4. Weightless

5. Good Thyme

6. Oblivious

7. Cleopatra

8. Under The Weather

9. A Name For Myself

10. Webspinner

Debut album from Pop/Punk band Those Without. It could just be me but Pop/Punk seems to mean “sounds like Fall Out Boy”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad comparison, FOB have some epic tunes. So too do Those Without, but, and there is a but, I can’t get FOB out of my head. I’m taking into account that as a nearly fifty year old bloke I’m not their target audience. My daughter just walked past and said they sound like a cross between FOB and Paramore. Good call, they do.

Production on 'Bittersweet' is well done, not over the top and makes the most of the band. The fact that I’m already talking about production is never a good sign for any album. I’m sorry, I’m really not the target market. That said this has all been done before, better, by many bands, there just isn’t enough for it to stand out from the crowd. I’m singing to the choruses but with other peoples words.

Oh Dear. I’m feeling like I’m flogging a dead horse with this review so I’m keeping it very short. If you are a fan of Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Sum 41, etc then buy Bittersweet, you will like it. This album just lacks that spark of originality for me.

Review - Andrew Forcer


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