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Thomas Nicholas Band Release New Single 'Better Than Home'

Thomas Nicholas Band are currently writing original songs for their 7th studio album being produced by Taylor Carroll (LIT, Kemikalfire) in collaboration with artists such as, Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup), Ace Enders (the Early November), Tom Higgenson (Plain White T’s) Matthew Kennedy (The Dangerous Summer) Adrian Estrella (Zebrahead), Ajay Popoff (LIT), Andrew Goldstein and more.

Thomas says,

"While I was working in the studio with my producer Taylor Carroll (Kemikalfire, LIT), his friend Zac Barnett (American Authors) decided to stop by and say hello. Taylor grabbed a guitar and played him a chorus we were writing and before I knew what was happening, Zac started singing the melody what would become the opening versus for the song, "Better than Home"
I threw out some lyric ideas and then I tried to retract them because they were too personal ... Zac immediately suggested that those were the best kind of lyrics and that I should write about what I'm scared to talk about. So here I am with my heart on my shirtsleeve with this song.
To really drive it all home, the artwork includes a reflection of the first place I lived. A double wide trailer outside of Las Vegas. I will also be heading to my other hometown of Santa Cruz to film in the parking lot of the Catalyst - a venue that I finally got to perform at last year with Bowling For Soup."


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