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The Subways - 'Uncertain Joys' Album Review


1. You Kill My Cool

2. Love Waiting On You

3. Uncertain Joys

4. Incantation

5. Black Wax

6. Lavender Amelie

7. Fight

8. Influencer Killed The Rock Star

9. Swanky Al

10. The Devil and Me

11. Joli Coeur

12. Futures

The Subways are back after an eight year break from recording and with a new drummer.

Has the break mellowed the three pieces approach? Yes and no. They have, on some songs, introduced a mellower approach, added some Pop sensibility and even tampered with their musical formula but the one thing they haven’t done is lose their focus, their aggression and their Indie Punk Rock genius.

This album pulls no punches, it’s political, personal and a full on assault on your senses but it’s also quite simply brilliant.

You don’t listen to the Subways for romantic ballads or for gentle guitars strumming away, you listen to them knowing you’re going to get full on Rock and Roll very much in the English Indie Punk tradition. There are many news bands on the block who aspire to be what comes naturally to the Subways, they can try but what’s the point, no one does it better than this band.

However, there are some subtle differences, there is something hard to put your finger on but it’s like they have decided to stretch themselves, to push their boundaries and to see how far they can go, it works, this is the Subways mark 2, still with the full on sounds but with something else permeating through the whole record, don’t stay it too loudly but they may trouble the upper reaches of the charts and get radio play in unexpected places.

This album deals with personal angst, politics, the environment and even brings the devil in for good measure, what more do you want from a record?

The vocals have never sounded this good, the production is tremendous, the band are tight, the lyrics are interesting, challenging and thought provoking, all in all the bar has been well and truly raised, I don’t want it be another 8 years before there is another record but if it results in something this good I’d be tempted!

It’s hard to pick a stand out track or even a couple as the standard throughout is consistently high, the band are out on tour in the UK and Europe, you should go see them and stream this record, both are decisions you won’t live to regret.

Review - Iain McClay


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