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The Sleeping Souls Release Video For 'Scared Of Living'

Extracted from their exhilarating debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ (out now on Xtra Mile Recordings), “Scared of Living” arrives in 2024 with a brand new video directed by Mihaly Sipos

A song about the Orwellian, screen-dominated world we find ourselves living in, the “Scared of Living“ video comments on the cheap dopamine thrills we find ourselves seeking through virtually constructed realities. Flitting between slick video game-esque graphics and elegant real-world imagery, the video offers a stylish and thought-provoking companion to the track’s dystopian lyrical themes.

As The Sleeping Souls explain of the song:

““Living your life through cameras and apps isn’t living. Everyone is trying to live up to a version of themselves that doesn’t really exist in the real world, and you can’t have your own opinions for fear of being lambasted publicly. Even though we’ve moved forward technologically, old institutions still inform everything we do. We need to break free, but at what cost.”


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