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The OBGMs – 'The Ends' Album Review


1. Outsah

2. Cash

3. All My Friends

4. Fight Song

5. Not Again

6. Triggered


8. Karen O's

9. To Death

10. Move On

Short, sharp and too the point, this is Rock and Punk at its most authentic and primeval. There is no attempt to be anything it’s not. It’s punch you in the gut, hard hitting Rock and, as the band were hoping, people will either totally love it or totally hate it. It’s the kind of music it’s not possible to not react to. You need to listen to this album to decide which camp you’re in.

Do I love it or hate it? I’m still trying to work out what I feel about it, but one thing I don’t want to do is ignore it and neither should you! There are points when I found myself unable to contain myself, I wanted to dance, I wanted to jump about, I wanted to scream the lyrics. At other times I didn’t seem to quite get it which is why I’m still on the fence but I can feel myself slowly fall into the love camp, the more I listen to it the more I get it.

Any music this visceral and powerful demands that you listen to it and reach an opinion even if, like me, it takes you a while to get there!

What comes across loudly is this is an album written without caring what anyone else thinks about it, it’s clearly written from the heart and the gut.

The OBGM’s have just released a powerful, impressive and focussed album, go listen to it then work out whether you love it or hate it, just don’t ignore it.

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Review - Iain McClay


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