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The Ever Living Release New Single 'Omniphorm'

London-based Alternative-Metal entity The Ever Living release their epic new single ‘Omniphorm’. The track is taken from their forthcoming sophomore album ‘Artificial Devices,’ set for release on 15th July 2022.

The band's latest offering guides the listener on an expansive journey of ambience and hypnotic melodies, accompanied by gargantuan slabs of drop-tuned riffs. Speaking on the creation of their latest beast, guitarist Andrei Alan comments:

“'Omniphorm' is the result of experimentation and was born out of dissatisfaction with the new music I was hearing through the lockdown. The concept was to contrast the most ambient and beautiful elements of our sound with the heaviest. The guitars are drenched in effects, more so than ever before; and the groove and weight of the riffs really showcase the new, much lower guitar tuning used for the album."

Alan reflects adding:

"Despite the new tuning, new effects, and new ways of playing, the track remains reassuringly The Ever Living and was the obvious choice as the opener for the album, setting the tone for what follows…”


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