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Telltale – 'Lie Your Way Out' EP Review


1. Slowburn

2. Pessimist

3. Out Of Control!

4. COBAIN (feat. Honey Revenge)

5. Lie Your Way Out

This EP can be described in a few words, infectious, excellent, Melodic Punk Rock with some distinctly poppier tendencies. This is a band who are not afraid to write about the real things impacting this world but also about fame, love and everything else in between.

There are five distinct and unique songs on this EP, including a guest vocal performance from Honey Revenge on 'COBAIN'. Dealing with climate change, pessimism and the less enjoyable aspects of fame. What will help them stand out is their combination of quality songwriting and having a very good lead singer who can clearly turn his voice to a few different genres.

If you like your music full on, rocky but with melody this is the band for you. Each song is strong in its own right, as a body of work this is a statement. Telltale are here to stay, they are an excellent band, they don’t deal in long and winding songs, each song comes in, lodges itself in your mind and then finishes, it feels like there is a bit of a Punk ethos to this EP but with a level of commitment to delivering something that will last because it’s not just Punk, it’s not just Rock, it transcends genres and makes you want to play this over and over again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this EP, have listened to it repeatedly and would definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Review - Iain McClay


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