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Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers – 'I Love You' Album Review


1. I Used To Be Fun

2. Treat Me Better

3. Backseat Driver

4. I <3 You

5. Your House My House

6. Salt (feat. The Grogans)

7. I Don't Want It

8. Cayenne Pepper


10. Lights Out

11. Toe Bone

12. Never Saw It Coming

13. Kissy Kissy

Australian band Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers (a truly original and excellent band name) release their debut album on the 6th of October on Domestic La La records to follow up their 2022 Debut EP, 'Petty Good For A Girl Band'.

The band were formed in 2015 by four friends and have been playing and touring since then, building a reputation as one of the most exciting and interesting new Australian bands so the time is clearly right to release their debut album to see if it can take them to the next level.

Will it?

My view is that if it doesn’t that’s a travesty, it’s an excellent debut album, confident, innovative at times, a potential rock masterpiece with hints of many different directions the band can go from here. They clearly have options, they clearly have talent, their voices blend perfectly ('Your House, My House' is a prefect example of what they can achieve) but they also have the bravery to mix it up and mess with the standard rock blueprint. In fact this isn’t really a rock album, it has much more ambition than that, the vocals soar to the sky at time ('Salt' is a prime example of their ambition) and yet they can clearly still kick ass when they want to.

Opening track 'I Used To Be Fun' is a stormer of an opening song, setting the agenda, introspective yet outward looking, perfectly performed and sung with excellent lyrics that make you sit up and take notice.

I think one of the standout tracks is 'I Don’t Want It' for the wonderful lyrics I might be superficial but I try to be kind, it feels like an agenda that should be adopted by all superficial people…

For me the only track I felt wasn’t needed was 'Cayenne Pepper' because it simply didn’t feel like it adds anything but otherwise there isn’t a weak song here, there are however many incredibly strong songs, any of which could be singles.

'Never Saw It Coming' is unexpected, it has an almost country vibe, it’s really poignant, a fuck you tune to whoever messed up and left the person in the song broken and confused. In seven years I’ll be okay as all of my cells will have regenerated. It’s lovely and sad at the same time. If they’re capable of this on their debut album….. they are going to blow a lot of people away.

'Kissy Kissy' is a brilliant closer, leaving you wanting more, so in my case I just started the album again, it is simply that good. It reminds me of a number of classic 90’s indie bands, yet it also turns into a Stadium Rock like sing along.

To have this much talent this early in their career is a massive bonus, they have the potential, they have the voices, they write excellent songs, what’s not to like? This band should be massive, get in early, you know you want to, so you can say you found them before any of your friends did!

Review - Iain McClay


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