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Talia Stewart Releases Video For New Single 'This Killing Floor'

So. Cal-bred, Nashville-based Dark Pop artist Talia Stewart has shared the murderous video for her Dark-Pop banger, “This Killing Floor.”

Discussing the single, Talia states,

“'This Killing Floor’ references a song from Howlin’ Wolf (and later on Led Zeppelin). It is angry and bitter, but also unapologetic and ruthless. It’s about ending a relationship in the bloodiest, goriest way (legit by murder) and not giving a single fuck about it. I remember the day I began writing this song I was so angry my skin felt hot to the touch. I wanted to write a revenge track that was simultaneously a hype-up for myself. I needed to harness my inner Rihanna energy. I remember when Rihanna came out with “Bitch Betta Have My Money” I thought... 'I have to write a song like this one day'. 'This Killing Floor' is my attempt.”

Regarding the video, Talia adds,

“Like the song, this video plays on the theme of a relationship ending with the added layer of setting it inside a murder. More specifically though, the video represents my transition as an artist. Me figuratively killing myself represents the transition from my last album cycle, ‘Confessional’, to the current, 'Murder, She Wrote'. I even wear the same white dress I wore in the visuals for 'Confessional', to nail home that theme.”


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