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swim school Release New Single 'anyway'

Fast-rising Edinburgh Indie outfit swim school continue their upward trajectory with the thrashing vulnerability of new single, ‘anyway’ and the announcement of their eagerly anticipated debut EP, ‘making sense of it all’, out Friday 13th August.

On new single ‘anyway’ - vocalist Alice Johnson continues to explore the insecurities and vulnerabilities which trouble an entire generation. Candidly exploring the difficulties of opening up on your emotions during a time of poor mental-health, swim school’s open and honest lyricism sees them mature as quickly as their sound.

“To maintain a healthy mental state, we are advised to talk to others about how we feel, but that can be easier said than done as certain people might not feel confident in opening up. For the lyrics in “anyway” I wanted to highlight how it may be difficult for people to simply open up to others. It’s challenging to try to explain an unexplainable feeling to someone and expect them to understand what they are going through when they don’t even understand it themselves. The chaos of imagery in the first 4 lines of the chorus that is then followed up by the lyrics “you never notice it anyway” expresses that even though they are trying to explain what they are going through; they feel like the person listening doesn’t care nor notices. As mental illness is an invisible illness, it is easy to feel that others don’t care about your mental state when the case may be, they haven’t even noticed.”


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