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Superlove - 'Superlove' EP Review


1. I Love It

2. Life Is Great


4. Bruce

5. Untouchable

Bristol’s new Noise-Pop band Superlove have announced their debut self-titled EP, due for release 13th November 2020 via Rude Records.

The EP begins on the Don Broco-esque ‘I Love It. The song has such a great feel to it, it makes you want to get up and move. It starts fairly atmospherically, with a more electronic intro, before launching into a bouncy guitar riff which gives way to a more stripped back verse, with the riff coming back in between vocal lines. The chorus explodes with energy before returning to the verse. A short spoken section then gives way to a massive Rock breakdown, which is sure to get crowds moving.

Second track, Life Is Great is an upbeat Pop song that gives me major The 1975 vibes, which would be a bad thing to some but definitely isn’t to me. The harmonies throughout the song are phenomenal, and pair extremely well with the electronic sound of the instrumentals. It’s just a great feelgood song.

This is then contrasted completely with track three, THINK ABT U, which blends heavy riffs with Pop-ballad verses and choruses, before launching back into the same heavy riffs, but this time with an added electronic infused breakdown. It shows two very different sides of the musical coin, all contained within the same track, but it’s done exquisitely and doesn’t feel like it clashes as some tracks that attempt the same often do.

Track four, ‘Bruce’, slows everything down in a beautifully haunting way. With amazing falsetto vocals that are reminiscent of Freddie Mercury in places and The Hoosiers in others, in addition to slow, methodic guitar chords ringing out underneath, it’s a very simple song, but is very effective in what it does. 

EP closer ‘Untouchable’ goes back into the more Pop-centric realm. With another upbeat feel and amazing harmonies from all three members, it’s a great way to close out the band’s debut. Each member is given a chance to shine, with phenomenal vocals, drums, guitar work and bass licks, as well as some electronic elements, it shows that Superlove are not a band to be ignored.

Superlove’s self-titled debut EP is a great introduction to the band and sets up their career perfectly. It’s varied enough to showcase all the talents of the band, without ever feeling disjunct or confused. It’s a fairly niche sound, but the execution is absolutely amazing. Back in February, before the world went to the dogs, I was fortunate enough to review them when they supported ROAM in York, and their sound translates perfectly to a live setting. Superlove are definitely not a band to sleep on.

Review - Gordon Rae


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