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Save Face - 'Another Kill For The Highlight Reel' Album Review


1. The Funeral You've Been Asking For

2. Curse Me Out

3. Another Kill For The Highlight Reel

4. Bury Me (Tonight!)

5. Sharpen Your Teeth

6. A Song For Your Futile Heart


8. The Perks Of Not Being Able To See Your Reflection

9. A.M. Gothic

10. Watch You Die Again

11. Please Murder Me

This is not an album for someone looking for a Disney soundtrack, the themes are too dark, too adult and the music isn’t saccharine enough. It is the album to turn to, however, if you are looking for something interesting, challenging, confusing, brilliant and wonderful.

Save Face have thrown everything they have at this and, probably, everything everyone else has as well!

Every so often you hear an album and wonder how someone came up with it, what was going on in their mind, do you want to ask and d you really care when it’s this good.

If it it does have a fault, and it’s a minor one to be remedied for their next album, once or twice they throw too much into every song, I think they need to learn that occasionally less is more.

That having been said, I haven’t enjoyed an album as a body of work as much in a long time. This a brilliant album, one that needs to be heard. It’s an album that’s ostensibly EMO/Gothic/Metal but there are some real theatrical elements to it that elevate it to a different level. There are elements of Punk, Opera and, at one point I thought the Cars revival starts here. It is that confusing, interesting, manic and fantastic.

I genuinely have no idea what’s going on in Tyler Povanda’s mind but whatever it is we should encourage it. I know he said he wrote this record for himself and doesn’t care whether people like it or hate it. I’m very much in the first camp, I don’t understand how anyone could hate this.

As I said earlier it’s dark at times, at times it’s uplifting but at all times it’s not for the light hearted. If you’re willing to open your mind and give it a listen you will find your curiosity is well rewarded. I honestly didn’t not think I’ve heard anything quite like this in a long time!

I love this album, nuff said!

Review - Iain McClay

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