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Saint Agnes Release Video For New Single 'Vampire'

Amping up to the March 26th release of their masterful new mini-album “Vampire”, Saint Agnes have summoned the gothic spirits of Alt-Pop for the release of the upcoming record’s title track.

Kitty A. Austen explains:

“'Vampire' is a hate-letter to the addictive, exciting, poisonous trap of social media. We grasp for immortality through our digital avatars; we present our beautiful, godlike, sanguine virtual selves whilst our imperfect shells shrink and cringe in the shadows. Self-loathing on repeat. 'Vampire' is alluring and bewitching Pop music with a rotten soul. What better way to get the heretical Vampire in the front door than to dress her up in the right clothes? A sugar-coated pill. Welcome to the Live Forever club, but do you really want to live forever?””


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