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Sabaton Release New EP 'Heroes Of The Great War' + New Single 'The First Soldier'

Following the successful launch of the 'Weapons Of The Modern Age' EP on 30th September 2022, Sabaton are excited to announce that 'Heroes Of The Great War', their second EP of the 'Echoes Of The Great War' EP trilogy, is now available and features a never-heard-before track entitled 'The First Soldier'.

The brand new 'Heroes Of The Great War' EP focuses on some of the boldest, most courageous heroes of World War I. For Sabaton, these are people whose stories need to be told and whose narratives truly resonate with the band on a personal level.

Remarking on the concept of the new EP, Pär Sundstrom says:

“Those involved in conflict and war push themselves beyond their limits, both physically and psychologically, and often achieve extraordinary things. They have no choice but to be brave and have no option but to do everything they can to protect what they are fighting for. Humans are programmed for survival, and some of these heroes’ tales that we write about are jaw dropping. This EP is our tribute to them and our way of ensuring that these stories are not forgotten and get the recognition they deserve.”

Referring to the new track, 'The First Soldier', Pär adds:

“We are really excited to be releasing a new song with this EP and we are eager to see how people respond to the incredible story behind it. The song is about Albert Severin Roche, a World War I hero who believed he was destined for great things. And despite the doubts of his peers and the odds being stacked against him, he achieved the unbelievable.”


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