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Ryujin Release Video For New Single 'Saigo No Hoshi' Featuring Trivium's Matthew K. Heafy

Samurai Metal band Ryujin finally reveal their highly anticipated, self-titled album in full! The Japanese group deliver heavy metal and blazing guitar wizardry in spades.

On the cusp of the album's release via Napalm Records, the band have shared one further single with fans - their very first ballad - titled "Saigo No Hoshi." The massive track features backing vocals by Matthew Kiichi Heafy (Trivium) and cello expressions by Mukai Wataru of the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, and excels with an emotive chorus, a rock-opera-worthy guitar solo, and traditional instrumentation.

"This is our first ballad, so it's very special for us,"

comments Ryujin frontman and mastermind Ryoji Shinomoto.

"This song is about a samurai who was about to die after the war, thinking about his family and praying for peace. A lot of very sad wars are currently happening on the planet too, families are being separated, and so on. I put that feeling into it. Also, I am inviting everybody to enjoy Mr. Mukai's outstanding cello performance. The album also includes a version sung by Matthew in English, so I am curious which version people are gonna like more!"


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