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Real Friends – 'Torn In Two' EP Review


1. Remedy For Reality

2. Nervous Wreck

3. Teeth

4. Spinning

5. Storyteller

6. Remedy For Reality (Reimagined )

7. Nervous Wreck (Reimagined)

8. Teeth (Full Band)

9. Spinning (Reimagined)

10. Storyteller (Reimagined)

Real Friends are back, with one subtle difference, they have a new lead singer, Cody Muraro. They have always been a band who are all about the emotional impact of their music and making a connection. So, the question is, are they still as good as they were?

The answer, which maybe not all long term fans of the band will agree with, is no. They are better! First song on this EP, 'Remedy For Reality', is surely something we all need? Both versions on here have a lot to recommend them, the band have reimagined or reworked all of the songs on the EP. Corey sings like a man that not only believes what he’s singing but also truly feels it, a talent not all vocalists have.

Have I heard a more heartfelt song than 'Teeth' this year (original version)? I’m not sure but I truly felt like this was being sung by a man with nothing left in the tank and no hope left. The full band version sounds more like Snow Patrol than Real Friends but, and here’s the surprising thing, it also really works!

There isn’t a weak song here, the band are as tight as they’ve ever been but, whisper it to long term fans, I think their new vocalist might just make them more accessible, more able to connect with a wider audience, I think he’s a natural fit.

This is a quality EP, at the very least I’d argue you should try it, if you don’t get it fair enough, but give it a chance, if you listen to it with an open mind I think you will really enjoy this and find yourself connecting with it emotionally.

This is a triumph of an EP on all levels.

Review - Iain McClay


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