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Random Hand Release Video For New Single 'The Cycle'

Twenty years in, and top of their game, West Yorkshire, Keighley-bred ska punk icons Random Hand are coming in hot with their fifth album! Their bodies may be creaking with grey hairs beginning to show, but the vitality and relevance of their music isn't changing one bit. Refined and confident, the band’s new album, due September 29th via Bomber Music, is set to redefine their place as one of the UK's most significant and dependable punk bands.

The band have now released new single ‘The Cycle’; a joyous, high-energy three-minutes-and-forty seconds of rampant ska vigour that masks a deeper meaning…

“Lyrically, ‘The Cycle’ is inspired by the instability of the world we live in,”

explains singer Robin Leitch.

“There seems to be something of an epidemic in recent years in regard to how secure we feel our environment is. One minute everyone seems to be getting on, and the idea of empathy is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and then at the drop of the hat we revert to dog eat dog, just like that.”

Random Hand made the music video for ‘The Cycle’ themselves, at their practice room in Keighley.

“Embracing the true DIY punk ethos,”

Leitch recalls,

“And struggling to find a suitable video location, we decided to get the tools out and modify a section of our own rehearsal space. You may enjoy the thrash of a double-speed guitar, but there is no music like that of a hammer on a nail. We stayed up late the night before, drilling, sawing, and listening to disco. I even nicked a couple of lights from the theatre I work in. We pooled our resources to create a blank canvas to perform against, and hoped the music would speak for itself.”


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